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Pre-Trip Thoughts

This is the first blog post of the trip!

It is currently Wednesday, May 3rd and I am preparing for our project kickoff this Friday the 5th! The anticipation is huge and I can't wait for the project to finally be underway. So much planning, training, and organization has gone into making this trip a possibility.

Video from our training ride this past Sunday

This Friday, Jeff and I (Langdon) will depart from Ellensburg High School in the morning after Jeff finishes teaching classes. We will ride north to Leavenworth, then up to the Eight Mile trailhead out of Icicle creek. Saturday, we will start with an attempt on Cashmere, then go into the Enchantments where we will try to climb, Colchuck, Dragontail, Little Annapurna, McClellan, Enchantment, and Cannon by mid-day Sunday. We will then bike home to Ellensburg Sunday night, in time for Jeff to get back to teaching Monday Morning.

The Weather forecast for this weekend looks marginal. Friday is expected to bring showers and gusty winds, while Saturday, we will encounter snow showers, wind, and overnight temps falling to near 20 degrees F at higher elevations. Hopefully we will be able to make the best of it and still safely summit at least some of our intended peaks.

This trip will give us a good idea of our current fitness as well as a solid test for how our gear will preform. Is my 20 degree bag warm enough for 21 degrees? We will see! It will also allow us to test out our meal planning and see how many calories we go through on big days.

I'm hoping for the best and will write an update post after we have returned.


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