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The Project

Human Powered

Like many mountaineers, we have driven for hours to climb a cool mountain. For this expedition we will do something different! We will “Leave No Trace in the atmosphere” by using human powered transportation to climb the hundred highest peaks in Washington.  We want to fill our eyes with beauty while not filling the atmosphere with carbon dioxide.


Every gallon of gas consumed puts 20 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. By biking to trailheads instead of driving, we will prevent the emission of thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide. We will not have a support crew or sag wagon. We will self support for this expedition.

Thank you to all who have offered to help deliver food and gear. However, due to the goal of being carbon free and self supported, we have to politely decline your generous offers.

We do recognize that this trip isn’t completely carbon neutral due to the carbon used to manufacture our equipment, mail our resupplies, and fertilizer to grow and produce our food. But we are preventing the emission of carbon from transportation.  

As we “leave no trace” in the atmosphere, we hope our trip will inspire others to find ways to reduce their recreational footprint as well.

We are looking forward to beauty, challenge and fun!


Our Rules

In the world of fastest known times(FKTs) and thru-hiking, there are three main trip styles: unsupported, self-supported, and supported. We are aiming for a self supported style, but with tweaks in the rules to fit our project and goals. 


To be truly self supported, we would need to only use “aid” we could find along the way. That would mean no showering at friends’ houses, no friends joining for sections of the trip, etc. Due to the nature of our situation and project, the rules we set for ourselves are a little different. We will not use any powered transportation for the project. We will bike to all the trailheads, grocery stores, and resupply points along the way. In this way we will be self-supported. However, we will have friends join us, but they will not bring us any aid or supplies. For instances such as college graduation and unavoidable work commitments, powered transport will be used during the duration of the project, but not in any relation to the trip. 


Technically, this makes our expedition “supported,” and that’s fine with us. This one really isn’t about time. It’s about emitting less carbon, spending time with important people, and seeing great beauty.

The Film

Langdon, a professional photographer and videographer will haul camera gear the entire way to document the expedition in its purest form. Langdon has worked previously on ski films and expedition photography. 

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